Inks & Printing

minimise paper waste by using misprints - as labels, postcards etc

re use ink,

Printmaking can use a lot of water, use a high pressure hose to

Materials Sourcing

We take responsibility for our part in using the planets limited resources. We aim to buy from suppliers manufacturing their products sustainably.

Our papers come from a Britsh Paper Mill which takes great pride in their

UK producers. Small companies

“St Cuthberts Mill is located in the Somerset countryside. We take great pride in protecting the environment we live in, making paper in harmony with the local countryside. No hazardous chemicals are released into our river, and we are proud to have large quantities of wildlife living in tandem with the mill. Our location boasts a wide variety of wildlife which include, ducks, trout, pheasant, buzzards, foxes, badgers, roe deer, rabbits, heron, kingfishers and woodpeckers.

All materials are screened in the mill to ensure minimal environmental effect. Pulps are sourced from sustainable sources (no rainforests are harmed in making our papers), and our cotton linters are an annual crop, which are a by-product from the textile industry”

Packaging & Recycling

On Making

In this world of we have to consider being a maker and bringing more ‘stuff’ impact on this. our contribution to this. into the world. We try to design and make products using high quality materials avoid ‘throw away’

Our products aren’t the cheapest, but this is reflects the real cost of the materials, and of the time they take us to make. we hope considered purchases

products that will last